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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Giveaway 23rd June 2010 - 4th July 2010


Salam buat semua,

Marilah sama2 memeriahkan Giveaway ni,kilk disini untuk maklumat lanjut.

Category B
For those who have your own blog, you might want to join this category because the prize is just soooo irresistable!

Prize for Category B
1st Prize - 1.5kg 'Hantaran' Cake worth RM120.00

2nd Prize - A Box of 42 Mini Cuppies with Topping AND Filling :) worth RM40.00

This is mixed box.. some with topping and and some with filling

3rd Prize - 1 kg Moist Chocolate Cake with scattered chocolate alphabet worth RM35.00

How to Join Category B?
1. Simply be our Follower
2. Copy our Contest Banner and paste it at your side bar of your blog. If you're not sure how to grab our contest banner, click here
3. Write your name and Leave a link to your blog in the 'Leave a Comment' section below. If you want to leave a comment, we'd love to hear them! Same goes to category B, please mail to if you can't leave a comment here.. we had contestants who were kind enough to let us know :) thanks!
For example Nina, Category B, (must link back to us tauuu! Kalau tak link, memang tak leh menang!)
4. Wait for the Winner announcement

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